massaggio del punto di pressione 2


Shiatsu means "finger pressure" and it is an art that has its roots in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is not defined as massage, but treatment or therapy and, only an operator who graduated after at least a three-year study plan, can carry out this type of treatment.

Thanks to slight acupressures along the Meridians, the Shiatsu therapist goes to stimulate the free flow of Qi and to support the recipient's state of well-being.

I practice the Masunaga's style, a light and painless style, which allows a complete psycho - physical relaxation and energetic rebalancing.


The Shiatsu treatment lasts about 50 minutes and you'll receive it fully clothed (possibly in a comfortable suit) on a massage table or futon.

In case of reduced mobility, there is the possibility of receiving it in a sitting position.