QIOGA® is my baby.


It is the natural progression of my training.


It is the creation of a style that I had in mind for a long time and that I feel totally mine.


QIOGA® embodies my search for well-being in a movement that combines the touch of Shiatsu (of self-Shiatsu particularly) with the martial practice of Qi Gong (considering its root in the Do In and the correlation with the Makko Ho) and the fluid movements of Yoga.

My approach is that of non-judgemental listening and consideration of the current condition, in order to be able to work on ourselves by looking at the present moment and, therefore, choosing to work 'with what is there today'.


In the practice of QIOGA® you will travel along the path of Oriental Art, joining with an imaginary thread India, China and Japan, until you reach the most modern Mindfulness.

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