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Be the silent revolution #adoptyourgreen

In this time of forced change and continuous media bombardment, we have seen how the web can be used for the most diverse reasons: from work, contact with loved ones, numerous webinars to sports and meditation.

In short, everyone has been given a voice and a way to express themselves in any sector.

But what has this moment brought?

How can we have the ability to stand out from all this?

How can we filter this avalanche of voices and news?

The creation of an environment that can be familiar and welcoming to us is what allows us to be able to say 'I'll stop now', 'I can devote myself to myself', 'I have the right to listen to myself'.

But when we live with people who work at different hours from us, children who need to play, animals that require our attention, or when we are overloaded with commitments, how is it possible to create this protected environment?

The ability to live in the present without thinking about what has been or what could be, is what is constantly sought after in Eastern cultures and worked on in more recent Mindfulness.

If we engage and are truly present in the here and now, we can savour every moment and find that space that makes us feel 'at home', because at home, in fact, we are always there.

Our home lies within ourselves.

This feeling of pure presence and awareness can be cultivated through practices such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Taijiquan and Mindfulness, but dedicating ourselves to good works also allows us to live peacefully and fully in the present.

The forced stop created by Covid has further highlighted how insignificant the presence of humans on earth is compared to the grandeur of nature and animals.

Our Mother Earth has taken back her space, continued to evolve and regenerate in a way that has not happened in a long time.

So how can we combine the search for a conscious state in the here and now and help our Mother Earth?

By being part of a silent revolution!

We can not only make a difference, but be the difference!

If each one of us would start to pay attention to small daily choices and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, we could really get out of a situation that has gotten out of hand.

Conscious participation consists of the constant presence of our attention from the big to the small choices in everyday life.

For example, I can turn off the lights I don't need, switch off the Wi-Fi when I sleep and when I go out, wash myself with lukewarm, not boiling water for a short time, choose to buy reusable and washable items and bake a cake at the weekend and eat it for breakfast during the week.

These are many small gestures, but they can make an active difference.

Another gesture we can embrace is to 'adopt' the area closest to our home.

We all have a piece of green space, a pavement, a road, a flowerbed near our home that attracts our attention.

Just think how beautiful the world would be if each one of us adopted the area close to home and took care of it. Just the famous 'look after your own garden', but in a positive sense :)

Just think how nice it would be if we all armed ourselves with gloves (washable and reusable, like garden gloves), a mask (washable cotton), bags (alas disposable) and started to collect rubbish from around the house!

We could really be a huge and beautiful silent revolution.

Sustainable and conscious revolution.

Think of the friendships that can be forged in sharing one common goal: respect for nature and beauty.

From distant and unknown neighbours, we could become each other's supporters and accomplices :)

Personally, I can tell you that I started this social experiment two years ago and, along the way, I have had the pleasure of meeting neighbours who have become dear friends and of sharing moments of great presence and awareness with them.

Taking care of the environment is like taking care of a friend, a parent or a loved one and I think that all of us, strong and united, can be a great silent revolution.


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