My name is Valentina Sofia, Turin - born and Roman by adoption.
After about twelve years of martial practice, which has seen arts such as Aikido, Kick Boxing, Viet Vo Dao and Karate, I felt the need to broaden my vision of the body and its correlation with the mind.

So I chose to become Masunaga's-style Shiatsu Therapist, graduating from the European Shiatsu Institute in Rome. In the course of studies I have addressed both the anatomical and physiological aspect of the person, and his vision and conception according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The introduction of the school to the study of Meridians allowed me to study Makko Ho, or stretching of Meridians, which I am still studying in Do In.

I graduated in Traditional Naturopathy at UNIPSI in Turin, I attended the Mindfulness MBSR course with Dr. Marco Iannelli and I am a columnist for the MacrolibrarsiMeditazione Zen and Energia Yoga sites.

I became a Yoga 250H Plus teacher - approved by Yoga Alliance - graduating from the Formazione Yoga e Medicina® in Rome and I'm continuing my studies, deepening the correlations between Qi Gong and Yoga following training courses and seminars with Masters such as Mimi Kuo-Deemer at Triyoga UK and Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia, founders of Odaka Yoga®.

My desire to discover how the body works and the need to approach a study that would also include the more specific anatomical and physiological aspect, led me to study at the University in Sports Science with a Bio-Health address.

My goal has become to find the correspondences between the physical body, the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Nadis of Yogic physiology, so as to bring a different and greater awareness in movement also thanks to Mindfulness practice and Do In / Qi Gong.


From here, my project: QIOGA® .

A union between India, China and Japan.

We are a wonderful microcosm in the macrocosm.

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